Frequently asked questions

What is Moto-Tote

Moto-Tote is a hitch mounted motorcycle and scooter carrier. Two versions of the system are avialible 1. MTX SPORT- for sport and street bikes with larger rear tyres and bike weight up to 250kg 2. MTX M3- for dirt and scooters with weight up to 205kg

Who designed Moto-Tote

D & D Design was founded in 1996 to develope motorcycle carriers and has been designing them ever since. Moto-Tote is the leading distributor for motorcycle carriers in the United States Of America and abroad

What advantages does Moto-Tote offer versus a trailer

-Ease of use - Installing the Moto-Tote and loading the bike is a snap! -Convenience - No worries with backing up or parking -Storage - You can easily store the carrier by hanging it on a wall or ceiling like a bike -NO REGISTRATION

I'm nervous about utlizing this system with my bike. Is it safe

Its understandable to be nervous about using new and unfamiliar things. D & D Design has been designing motorcycle carriers since 1996. They have thousands of customers all over the world with an excellent structural safety record.

Why is Moto-Tote the best on the market

-Superior design - Check out our features. Look, feel and quality-You can see the differance -Proven - Typical design cycle is 5-6 years. Not days, week or months -Specialization - This is all Moto-Tote do! -Experiance - Moto-Tote has been in business longer than any other manufacture

How much weight will it carry

The MTX SPORT is rated at 250kg The MTX M3 is rate at 205kg In both cases, the weight-on-hitch capacity(known as tongue weight) of your vehicle needs to be at least as much as the total weight of your bike + carrier which weighs 28kg for the sport model. For example: To use the mtx sport to its full 250kg capacity, you would need a vehicle with a tongue weight of at least 278kg. That's 250kg for the bike and 28kg for the carrier.

What is tongue weight

Tongue weight capacity is the weight that can safely be carried on your vehicles hitch/tow bar. This weigth capacity is specific to your vehicle/hitch combiniation. Although most class 111 hitches are rated at 250kg or more, your vehicle may have a lower rating. Please check with your vehicle manufacture if you are unsure. To find the tongue weight capacity on your vehicle, check your vehicles user manual. If the tongue weight capacity is not explicitly stated, find the towing capacity of the vehcile and divide it by 10%. This is a good estimate of the weight you can put on the hitch. For example: Towing Capacity =3000kg, divide that by 10% =300kg tongue weight

Do I need lights and number plate

Yes. For safety and leagl reasons, if your vehicle's lights and number plate are obstructed by your bike or scooter, then its your responsibilty to make sure you fit both lights and number plate to the carrier. Failure to do so may result in fines from law enforcement authorities

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